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I am sharing some of my poems, stories and essays. I invite you to browse through these pages and leave comments where you feel like. You may leave your contact details and I will get    back to you.

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latest articles

  • Not playing with fire
    "Like the crucifixion of Jesus, his act expressed the unconditional willingness to suffer for the awakening of others." ...read more »
  • The future is here and the leader has seen it
    Today, instead of preparing for his next incarnation, the Dalai Lama is investing his faith in something more modern and sustaining -- Democracy. ...read more »
  • Tibet: A room for hope?
    Who am I? I am born and brought up in India and speak four Indian languages, love Bollywood, have more Indian friends than those of my tribe. ...read more »
  • In a muddle kingdom
    The Karmapa is today entangled in China-Tibet-India politics, aggravated by rivalries spanning three centuries of power struggles. ...read more »
  • An open letter to Wen Jiabao
    It's time the true wishes of the Chinese people be expressed. And there's no one who can do it more effectively than you, Mr Wen. ...read more »
  • The moral defence rests
    For India to keep Arunachal, based on the McMahon Line, the only choice is to recognise Tibet's independence. It cannot legitimise the McMahon Line border otherwise. ...read more »
  • The Bounty March
    For Tibetans both inside and outside our land, the undeclared common strategy of the movement is to live through this difficult struggle with patience, and outlive the dictatorial Chinese leadership. ...read more »
  • The Tibetan Resolution
    The decision taken at the "Special Meeting" called by the Dalai Lama was a historic one though its nuanced importance is little understood outside. ...read more »
  • Now Tibet is not so far
    When I packed my sleeping bag that early morning before sunrise for this long journey, I placed a white khatak (scarf) at the altar of His Holiness and said I have decided, whatever happens, I will make my way through. ...read more »
  • Celebrating Exile II: Our religion and the struggle
    Many of my non-Tibetan friends get quite disappointed when I say that I don’t do prayers, prostrations and other rituals. They wanted me, not only me, all Tibetans to be staunchly Buddhists; ...read more »