Day 3 – 14 February 2021

Walked 32 Kilometers today, perhaps the long shot I will ever walk. Arrived dead tired. Over the hills and out of valley, by lush green fields, stopping by hamlets explaining my cause and handing my pamphlets I past by the Daulatpur, Takipur, Ranital, Bankhandi and now in Dehra. Met Lhagyari Namgyal Dolkar, who was on her way back to Dharamshala.

From the march logistics team Jamyang had to go back to Dharamshala for a medical check up. He will rejoin when he is ready. while Tenzin Osel and Namdol are with me. The logistics team drive ahead to set up press meets, find night shelters and food.

Surprised to see some bombax trees are flowering, while few others completely weathered. The rich medicinal tree Arjun dry fruits are laden on road throughout Kangra valley. Kangra is so rich in medicinal herbs, trees and flowers.

Around Shree Baklamukhi Mandir I met barefoot penance marchers or yatris. I greeted them “Jai Hind” they responded with “Jai Mata Di“. This is from one marcher to other.

Kept distributing my information pamphlets wherever I met people. There are still people who cannot read or write. I sat down with old ladies and tried to tell the story of Tibet from a Himachali point of view.

Tomorrow I will passing through Daliara, Barwain and Chintpurni.

This march from Dharamshala to Delhi, 12 February to 10 March 2021, aims to highlight Tibet as the missing link between India and China. I am appealing to the government of India to #RepealOneChinaPolicy

Help me spread the word. Share, forward and tweet: #RepealOneChinaPolicy #WalkaMileForTibet

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Double duty.

Double duty.

Speaking on live TV for NewsX TV channel from the roadside. Tenzin Oesel is holding the camera while Namdol captured this moment.

The ambitious attempt to walk 32kms in one day made a long day. Camera work by Tenzin Oesel.

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