Day 4 – 15 February 2021

How do you walk for 500kms to change your government’s policy? I walk to do just that. Today I walked 17kms, an average but mostly through forest area, so walked fast. From Dehra, Nehran Pukhar, Daliara, and Nalsuha Bharwain stretch is beautiful uphill road lined by mango trees on one side and old-morain deposit hillside cliff on the other. It was hot sun for winter in Himachal, tomorrow I will finally climb down the hills. Today’s lesson from road is to walk on the right side as you can see the approaching vehicles as does the traffic.

Tibetan journalists from Radio Free Asia and Voice of America (VOA) interviewed me about the march experience so far. Gaurav Kathuria who interviewed me day before on Kangra road sent me this report he published on Pheli Nazar digital newspaper.

Today we have halted in Chintpurni as night descended in the hills. Tomorrow I will walk till Amb.

I have started this March to Delhi on 12th Feb and I plan to reach Delhi on 10th March. My main aim is to raise the Tibet issue as the missing link in the Indo-China crisis.

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Tsundue walking along side of road with Tibetan and Indian flags and white bag.
Tsundue with two people by side of road in countryside with motorcycle, holding Tibetan and Indian flags.
News article about Tsundue's Walk for Tibet, in Hindi.
Photo of Tsundue and his Walk statement, in English, from NewsX.

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