Day 5 – 16 February 2021

Arrived in Amb. Today I walked 23 kms. Met a Punjab Kesari journalist who wrote a report about the march. Help me get more media attention.

Much of the road stretch today routed through the pine woods, eucalyptus and mangoes. This is the last bit of the hills descending which the road suddenly broadens and roars into a national highway with large trucks and buses chasing each other. From here the vocabulary, tone and palate become distinctly Punjabi. In the forest I have started to hear peacocks calling and seen swallows over rivers.

Today, my friend and Tibetan MP Dorjee Tseten came to meet me on the march along with Tehor Wangdue Dorjee who is a social worker and a Tibetan entrepreneur. Dorjee la gifted tsampa products that his cottage factory produces. They both made live posts about the march and interviewed me both in Tibetan and Hindi. They walked with me for a mile and gave lunch to the march team.

In the afternoon as scheduled yesterday I spoke live on facebook which attracted a large audience. I spoke in Tibetan, Hindi and English about the march and spoke on how people could participate in the campaign

I request all my friends to support the march by signing the petition at asking the government of India to repeal One-China Policy, at
(ipetitions privacy statement is here)

Please tweet this with: #RepealOneChinaPolicy #WalkaMileForTibet

Indian supporters love to pose for selfies for their social network posts.

Indian supporters love to pose for selfies for their social network posts.

Every step counts - View of the back of Tenzin Tsundue, walking up the road with Indian and Tibetan flags.

Every step counts.

Unnamed person, Tenzin Tsundue, and Neelam Sharma stand with Tibetan and Indian flags by the side of the road.

Neelam Sharma ji said he is from Bharat -Tibbat Sam and Manch, Muktrsar, Punjab.

Jamyang walks on road with Tibetan flag, with the golden setting sun behind him.

Jamyang covers the right side of the road as we distribute pamphlets.

Down the hill, out of the valley.

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