Tsundue flanked by two Covid-masked supporters, holding Tibetan and Indian flags, and pamphlets.

Day 15 – 26 February 2021

The national highway roars with high-speed traffic and the heat. At a point of time I asked for water at a small shop. The sardarjis inside offered me water and chai, and sat me down and asked me what caused me to walk in the hot sun begging for water.

I said “China ne hamara desh Tibbat ko kabza kiya ji, hum refugee hai ji. (China has occupied my country Tibet. I am a refugee.)” The tall giant men in turban went silent and listened to me in full attention. I continued “Ab Tibbat se China army India ko attack kar rahen hai ji. (Now from Tibet, Chinese army is attacking India). Yeh pamphlet border security ke barey mein Jankari hai ji. (This is an information pamphlet about India’s border security)”, I concluded.

“But, abhi kahan ja rahe ho, and food?” one man asked. I said I was from Dharamshala, Himachal, and that I was going to Delhi to meet the Prime Minister of India to seek his help to liberate my country Tibet.

“But sarkar hamara nahin sunta, tera kyun sunega? (The government doesn’t listen to us. Why would it care about you?)” he asked again. I said the government hears everything and listens only to its political interests.

Today we walked 21 kilometres and arrived in Laldu. We passed through Dera Bassi. Laldu is an industrial area, there is a loud little railway station nearby.

Today Chime Tamding la from Simla joined us as a volunteer. He had served in Tibetan Special Frontier Force (Establishment 22) for 17 years. Ever since we entered Chandigarh Sonam Ladakhi has been supporting us. He joined us for three days. Two members from Tibetan Women’s Association, Shimla, visited us and wished us well this morning. They gave us loads of tsampa packets. Our volunteer Jamyang who is a college student has been attending his online classes even while on the march. He might have to leave soon to write his mid-term exams.

This march from Dharamshala to Delhi, 12 February to 10 March 2021, aims to highlight Tibet as the missing link between India and China. I am appealing to the government of India to #RepealOneChinaPolicy

Help me spread the word. Share, forward and tweet: #RepealOneChinaPolicy #WalkaMileForTibet

Sign petition here: ipetitions.com/petition/support-tenzin-tsundue-stand-up-for-tibet

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Tsundue walking along side of road with Indian flag and yellow bag. Tsundue with India flag, with Indian in traditional dress with big turban, and holding pamphlet. Sunset from the road, with trees. Tsundue holding India flag, handing phaphlets to several seated Indians dressed in white. Tsundue with India flag, supporter with Tibetan flag, seated on ground in the shade of an overpass. Tsundue flanked by two somewhat-Covid-masked supporters, holding Tibetan and Indian flags, and pamphlets.
Copy of news article from 26 February 2021 _Indian Express_ with interview of Tsundue by Pallavi Singhal. Headline 'In Tibet's independence resides India's security'.

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