Tsundue with 14 supporters, one holding Tibetan flag and Tsundue holding Indian flag; one person on left is wearing mask to protect himself and others from Covid. Behind them is a building, and a sign in Hindi.

Day 16 – 27 February 2021

We have now reached Ambala town, halfway through to Delhi.

Ladakhi Sonam is still with us for four days now. He has been helping us with distributing papers and walking with us and also helping us in logistics. For Chime la, it’s his second day and for Jamyang, who has been with us from day one, it’s one of his last days since he has to get back to his studies; his exams are coming up soon. Today, social activist Tenzing Sangmo from Herbertpur near Dehradoon joined us for one full day walk and my friend Kautilya from Kanpur joined us in the afternoon. My guru Geshe Pema Dorjee la came by and walked with us for some distance. Gyen la is 74, my mother’s age.

I am blessed by so much support from different corners of the world. Many friends write to me personally with suggestions and advice regarding health and logistics regarding the march.

Today is Poornima, the 15th moon, the last day of Tibetan new year celebration.

On the way, a celebration of Guru Ravi Das‘ birthday gathering invited us for lunch at their langar (kitchen). We arrived at Ambala Tibetan Market in the evening and 28 families of the association hosted us for dinner and stay. Sonam la, leader of Tibet Welfare Association, Ambala, says Tibetans have been living in Ambala selling sweaters since 1970.

This march from Dharamshala to Delhi, 12 February to 10 March 2021, aims to highlight Tibet as the missing link between India and China. I am appealing to the government of India to #RepealOneChinaPolicy

Help me spread the word. Share, forward and tweet: #RepealOneChinaPolicy #WalkaMileForTibet

Sign petition here: ipetitions.com/petition/support-tenzin-tsundue-stand-up-for-tibet

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Tsundue walking by side of road with monk, both carrying Indian flags. Tsundue standing holding bottle of something white, with three supporters, one holding Tietan flag, and one holding Indian flag. Tsundue sitting in front of mostly-empty bus, facing rear and holding Indian flag, talking to peopleon the bus. Tsundue talking with two children, one of them waving Indian flag, in front of a white board fence. Tsundue walking in front of roadside shop cart, carrying Indian flag and holding pamphlet. Three marchers walking away from view on path at side of road, carrying flags. Trees and brush to the left, a metal fence to the right. In foreground is a mile marker with number '152' at top, and '206' at bottom, in middle are some letters in Hindi. Tsundue with 14 supporters, one holding Tibetan flag and Tsundue holding Indian flag. Behind them is a building, and a sign in Hindi.

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