Tsundue and the three members of the Walk Team sitting on steps and ground outside a building, eating and talking.

Day 21 – 4 March 2021

Delhi is only 80 kilometers only, and the aim to highlight the issue of Tibet in the India-China crisis and to start the campaign #RepealOneChinaStory just got a shot in the arm as more and people and organizations are joining the campaign.

Besides the online signature campaign, offline campaigns are now being conducted by Tibetan Women’s Association Central, Indo-Tibetan Friendship Association, Students for a Free Tibet India, Rtyc Dhasa in Dharamshala, Rtyc Shimla, Dekyiling Rtyc, RTYC Puruwala, Sonam la in Bylakuppe, Rtyc Paonta and Clement Town.

Other chapters of both the Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) and the Tibetan Women’s Association (TWA) are slowly raising similar campaigns in their locality.

Signatures collected in this campaign will be finally submitted to the Prime Minister’s office in Delhi. But, India can’t do this alone. #RepealOneChinaPolicy campaign must become a global movement. Already it is being initiated in Belgium, France, Italy, and the UK.

Thank you, everybody. I request Tibetans and Tibetan supporters in the US, Canada, and Australia to start this campaign.

Today we walked 23 kilometers and arrived at Samalkha. Tomorrow we will reach Sonepat.

This march from Dharamshala to Delhi, 12 February to 10 March 2021, aims to highlight Tibet as the missing link between India and China. I am appealing to the government of India to #RepealOneChinaPolicy

Help me spread the word. Share, forward and tweet: #RepealOneChinaPolicy #WalkaMileForTibet

Sign petition here: ipetitions.com/petition/support-tenzin-tsundue-stand-up-for-tibet

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This is a daily affair.

A young Indian supporter holding Indian flag, and Tsundue holding Tibetan flag.
Two people bending over table signing peitions, masked to protect themselves and others from Covid; a person behind the table with mask on hammock-style offering no protection is steadying a petition paper. Closer to the camera are two people in red sweaters, one gesturing towards the petition table. A sign beyond the table says 'Tibet Ashok Guest House Dr. Yeshi Dhondhen Clinic'.'
A small petition table flanked by 'Students for a Free Tibet' signage. A person behind the table is bent over writing; a person standing in front of the table has a dranyen in a case slung over his shoulder. Both are wearing masks to protect themselves and others from Covid.;
A person wearing mask over chin, to no use for protecting the person he is talking to, talking and gesturing to a person who is signing petition on the handlebars of the motorcycle he is sitting on. Four other people in background also sitting on motorcycles.
Tsundue walking, holding Indian flag and Tibetan flag over each shoulder, wearing black mask under his chin and yellow TYC bag slung from shoulder. A car, building, and trees in the background.
Tsundue sitting on a bench looking down; Tibetan and Indian flags on poles propped against wall beside him.
Tsundue and the three members of the Walk Team sitting on steps and ground outside a building, eating and talking.
Chimey Tamding kneeling on ground in front of rear wheel of the Walk car. A Tibetan flag and two Indian flags are arranged behind him.

Fellow marcher Chimey Tamding la served in Special Frontier Force for 17 years and retired. He lives in Shimla. The car is part of our advance party and logistics who set up press conferences and shelter for the night.

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