Day 22 – 5 March 2021

Happy to hear news of Tibetans collecting signatures in Gangtok, Kollegal, Shillong, and many other places with support from the Tibetan Women’s Association (TWA). Thank you Twa Central.

Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) has asked all its chapters to support the signature campaign.

Sonam la from Bylakuppe has put in tremendous efforts in collecting signatures from the Bylakuppe Tibetan refugee camp. Thank you, Sonam la.

Today we walked 25 km and reached Sonepat. We seem to have walked too fast. From here we are about 50 Kms.

#RepealOneChinaPolicy campaign is starting in different countries in Europe but yet to see any concrete efforts in the US and Canada. I request Tibetan communities and Tibet Support Groups in these two countries to initiate the campaign.

Meanwhile U.S. Representative Tom Tiffany along with Representative Scott Perry proposed a bill to Repeal One-China Policy.

This march from Dharamshala to Delhi, 12 February to 10 March 2021, aims to highlight Tibet as the missing link between India and China. I am appealing to the government of India to #RepealOneChinaPolicy

Help me spread the word. Share, forward and tweet: #RepealOneChinaPolicy #WalkaMileForTibet

Sign petition here:

Images from today - click/tap image to see full size and slideshow

Tsundue with two supporters on each side, holding up Indian and Tibetan flags which are waving in the breeze. They are standing in a parking lot, with the Team car behind them.
A supporter and Tsundue walking by the side of the road. Supporter is draped in Tibetan flag, and both are carrying Indian flags on poles, and wearing sunglasses. Supporter is wearing mask, with design of Tibetan flag, to protect himself and others from Covid.
Tsundue walking with Tibetan flag on pole, underneath an overpass. The vertical walls of the overpass are painted with advertising, and through the lighted end are buildings, trees, and a car.
Tsundue seated in chair, gesturing and speaking, towards an opened laptop before him on a large square object on a bed. his pack, notebook, watter bottle and other items are on the bed. Behind him Tibetan and Indian flag are arranged on the wall, along with red and white balloons, and some clothes and TYC bag are hanging on the wall.
Sonam la holding up paper with text of petition in right hand and a sheaf of papers with signatures in left hand.

Sonam la put in tremendous efforts in collecting signatures in Bylakuppe.

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