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However, any actions you take yourself, such as clicking on social buttons, or not using security in your computer or browser, are out of the control of the site owner and the developer.

All privacy and security measures on this website are taken in agreement between the site owner and the developer.

You might not know …

The Internet feels very private and anonymous, but it is very much not. For example, that simple, friendly “Like” button follows you wherever you go on the web.

But if i don’t use the Like button, how do i post a page on Facebook?

It’s easy! See the “address bar” at the top of your browser? Go to the page you want to share, and copy everything in that address bar. Then, paste that into your Facebook status, Twitter tweet, or wherever you want to use it, and watch the magic happen. Now you’re the boss!

What is so important about this?

The same thing that makes the Internet so wonderful and easy to use, also makes it easy for hackers, businesses, and governments to track you and know everything about you. And they are all doing it, to you, right now.

But i don’t really care if companies or governments see what i do

You may not worry about this for yourself — but through you, they get to your friends, and your friends’ friends. And some of them care very much — their lives may even be at stake.

One person’s lack of responsibility not only harms that individual but provides a platform for other innocent users to be attacked.

You can know more …

… about how your actions on the web can affect you and your friends, and how to protect them:

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