Tenzin Tsundue’s Kora and Semshook are now available in PDF format and can be downloaded free of cost. The author likes to share his writings to a larger audience.

The writings may be reproduced on the condition that no changes are made in the reproductions, that they are carried in the same form as published here, and that they are not used for commercial purposes. The author wants to be informed of any intention of publication you may have, whether in original English or in translation, or even being quoted in excerpts. For any clarification, you may contact me through the contact form.

3 thoughts on “Downloads”

  1. I do not understand or cormpehend the concern of those who want to preserve their native language.Preserving one’s faith has nothing to do with preserving one’s language. God will not judge one whether he speaks Armenian, English or Spanish.The world is headed towards globalization and fusion of languages and cultures whether we like or not.I have yet to hear or read a convincing point of view on this topic.

  2. Respected Mr.Tsundue la,
    Can you please upload the pdf file of your book Kora as it is showing error or crashed file or invalid file.
    Thank you

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