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  1. i am looking for the poem ‘crossing the border’ and its not here. tsondue la, I wanted to connect one school assignment with your poem and yet i cannot find it here. Can you please help me out?

  2. I really liked your pfrcormanee because you all worked together really well. Kirsty was very loud and clear. The sound effects really made the poem interesting and fun to watch. Maybe next time you could keep the instruments in your hand so that you don’t keep bending down.

  3. Permission for your poem, Crossing the Border

    Dear Mr Tsundue,
    Warm greetings from Katha!
    Katha is a nonprofit organization in India that has been working since 1988 in the literacy to literature continuum — in the areas of education of children in poverty, teacher training, and book publishing. Our website: http://www.katha.org
    Over the last 25 years, our education model, based on decades of working with children from underserved communities, delivers a unique and innovative StoryPedagogy©. It has helped lakhs of first generation schoolgoers in India to enjoy reading, and learning sustainably. Our innovative education model works today to enhance the joy of reading for more than 1. 50,000 children in corporation/government schools and about 250 slum communities.
    Katha is also known as a small, independent reputed publisher of stories and poems translated from the many Indian languages into Hindi and English, for children. Our distinctive, beautifully designed, child-friendly books have won us, both a loyal readership of young child readers, and some hard-earned recognition from our peers.
    This year, we at Katha are working to bring an ambitious new programme into Indian schools: an English Language Textbook series for classes 1 to 8 — choosing stories and poems, in English and in translation that encourage children to believe in themselves and relate to the world around them. The Encyclopaedia Britannica has kindly agreed to partner with us in this innovative project by helping us distribute the series in schools following Indian school curricula.
    For this series we seek your kind permission to include your poem, Crossing the Border, with small editing to make it suitable for students in Class 8.
    The works are to be used in Indian curricula schools, and as part of this textbook series only.
    We’d be grateful if you’d give us permission to do so and we most eagerly look forward to hearing from you:)
    Geeta Dharmarajan

  4. Love your poems….Love Dsala…support your cause…am sure I was in Tibet in a previous birth. More strength to you and all of you.

    In your poem Rain in Dsala your room seems to be a metaphor for Tibet….and you exiled. Can feel your pain. Beautiful poetry.

  5. hi,
    Tenzin i love your poems and thoughts as an activist.
    Perhaps this is not a right place to express views other than poetic.
    Send me an email. I have more to know from you your stories of struggle.

  6. M big fan of you Mr.Tsundue la.,i like your every single poem.my dream is to make ur poem in song.i wish i can do that.may god bless you always

  7. Gen tenzin tsundu la,

    How can see the first book of kora,and i would like sing ur poems.only if it acceptable is!

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