Desperate age

Kill my Dalai Lama
that I can believe no more.
Bury my head
beat it
disrobe me
chain it.
But don’t let me free.
Within the prison
this body is yours.
But within the body
my belief is only mine.

You want to do it?
Kill me here — silently.
Make sure no breath remains.
But don’t let me free.

If you want,
do it again.
Right from the beginning:
Discipline me
Re-educate me
Indoctrinate me
show me your communist gimmicks.
But don’t let me free.

Kill my Dalai Lama
and I will
believe no more.

One thought on “Desperate age”

  1. Disrobe is a beautiful phrase expressing an identity torn between tradition and modernity. A sweet confusion that is poetically creative.

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